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Welcome to PS in foodservice, the central place for product information for food, drinks and non-food. Our mission is transparent product information for everyone in the food chain. Every producer, farmer or grower can guarantee his product information at PS. View our FoodBook for all products, features, quality marks, recipes and inspiration. Do you want to enter your product in our database, view product information or receive the current product information digitally? View our services for the possibilities, or click at the right on the situation that applies to you.

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For producers

Communicate your product information easily and quickly to the entire food chain? Via PS you can share all your product information in one central, digital location. Easily available for all your customers.

For hospitality professionals

Do you want to have more insights?
Via PS you have up-to-date product information and a digital insight into your product range.

For wholesalers

Easily receive product information from your producers? Via PS you can retrieve validated and up-to-date product information from your product range for logistics and e-commerce.

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