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Do you want to have an insight into your assortment?
Via PS you have current product information and digital insight into your assortment.

One place for all information

It is important for you as a buyer that you can provide up-to-date product information to your guests. Making this information available manually takes a lot of time and is not efficient. In addition, there is an increasing demand for healthy and sustainable food, through data you can easily see which steps you can take. That is why it makes sense to choose one central and digital platform to retrieve information. That is possible with PS in food service.

Saving time, energy and money!

Processing product information manually is a thing of the past. Re-typing creates a risk of errors. Because PS makes optimal use of the technical possibilities, the manual work is minimized on both the producer and the buyer side. We already help more than 3500 brands to share product information with users. This saves a lot of time, money and energy!

Give your product a face

Not only can you receive the statutory specifications (ingredients, allergens and nutritional values) and logistical information via PS, but also commercial information such as the story behind a product, the quality marks, logos, product photos, certificates, recipes and films of preparation and / or preparation. or presentation methods. Click here for an example of a specification. With the nutritional values you can look at the health of a product and through quality marks you get insights into the sustainability of your assortment. This way you can also gain valuable insights through product information.

PS helpt bij je e-commerce

Meer dan 99% van alle groothandels in Nederland haalt productinformatie op bij PS. En ook steeds meer groothandels in België. Deze informatie tonen zij binnen hun bestelomgeving. Daarom geeft werken met PS je meer controle over hoe jouw producten getoond worden. En heeft dus ook invloed op de verkoop van je producten!

Product information insightful

From the PS database, product information can be automatically displayed in your own digital catalog, in various calculation tools or in your own system. That way you always have access to current product information.

View the Foodbook with all products here.

Look at the procedure for the possibilities to retrieve product information.


The FoodBook is a free online overview of all public products in the PS in foodservice database. The FoodBook shows the photos, videos, allergens, nutritional values, quality marks, the story and much more of products.

Digital Catalog

With the Digital Catalog you have your own assortment in one overview. The Digital Catalog is made especially for you in your own corporate identity.


My PS is the place where you can find all the information you need to work with PS at a glance.

Link in the chain

The information that is stored in PS is shared with various parties in the food service chain.

Sustainability analysis

Your PS subscription includes, among other things, a sustainability report about your range. Quickly see how sustainable your range is.


PS supports you as a hospitality professional in various ways to guarantee product information in the best way. Think of a help desk and reports.


Do you want to start with PS? It is good to know what our method is and what the possibilities are.

Al meer dan 3000 merken gingen je voor!

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