What do I get if I work with PS in foodservice?

The great advantage of our system: always access to current product information, directly from the source!

A list:

  • Easy and fast access to product information from your suppliers.
  • Your own Digital Catalog. An overview of all your articles, with the current product information, photos, and product story.
  • Through My PS insight into mutations, validations, sustainability analyzes and access to a digital report with product-related information such as allergens, ingredients and quality marks.
  • You get access to an extensive application (the Data Entry) for guaranteeing your company only articles (private label): the producer enters, you check and present! This way you remain a brand owner.
  • In addition to product-related information (ingredients, allergens and nutritional values), you can also retrieve commercial information, logistics information, photos and packshots. This way you get all the information you need from one source!
  • In addition to mandatory label data, additional data is also available: for example fiber, animal and vegetable protein or characteristics such as halal or vegan.
  • Possibility to have product information in your calculation tool or in your own system.
  • And … PS helps you get your entire assortment guaranteed in PS in food service. For example with example letters for writing to your suppliers, but also the demand from the collective!

Do you want to start with PS in food service? Which can! This means that you relieve your organization: the product information of your assortment is available digitally and up-to-date 24/7. Immediately maintained by the producer himself.

Starting to retrieve information from PS starts with concluding an agreement and supplying a good assortment list.

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Everyone who places product information in our system takes out a subscription. For the costs, click here!

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