What do I get if I work with PS in foodservice?
By using our system you can easily meet the growing information needs for product information from wholesalers, retailers and consumers. The big advantage of our system: securing product information in one place, which can be shared and used via links to our system via the FoodBook, order sites, software tools and your own website.

A list:

  • Your product information is brought to your customers; well-arranged and with quality. Streamlining and relieving the internal organization is done from one place.
  • Your product information changes are automatically sent to your customers.
  • Your product information visible in the FoodBook; more than 400 visitors a day!
  • Increased visibility on the market! As a new producer in our system, your brand is promoted in our newsletters!
  • Free marketing workshops and product marketing advice.
  • Your own Digital Catalog in your own house style! An overview of all your products with the current product information, photos and product story. This Digital Catalog gives your sales office staff, sales team and (potential) customer insight into your total assortment.
  • Your product information is also automatically included in frequently used apps and tools, such as the Voedingscentrum’s Eetmeter.

What information can I safeguard with PS in foodservice?

  • Certificates
  • Approvals
  • Characteristics
  • Commercial information (story, perfect name, photos, videos, recipes)
  • Logistical information
  • Ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Nutritional values

Because the logistic data can also be stored with us, it is no longer necessary to fill in source files, in case the wholesalers also collects it. This saves a lot of time! Therefore, inform your wholesalers about this, they will also know that the logistical information can be retrieved with packshots via our system.

Did you know that you can also enter our database in English, German and French? In addition, you can also easily create links to multilingual product sheets. Very useful if you also have customers abroad!

Working with our system starts with the conclusion of an agreement. . This includes the Digital Catalog, the use of product information for your own website and how we pass on your product information to wholesalers, buyers and consumers.

Once you have entered your products, you are expected to check and update the product information every six months. My PS contains useful reports that help you with this. This gives you a quick insight into how your product information is and what you still need to improve. We are easily accessible by phone and always want to help you with entering your product information.

Everyone who places product information in our system takes out a subscription. For the costs, click here!

Please contact us, we will look together at your options and costs when you start.

Renate Baanstra

Manager operations and IT +31 (0)6 21 89 70 87

Louise-Cato Bol

Commercial manager +31 (0)6 13 78 20 98

Berlinda de Beer

Nutritionist | Account manager producers & Private labels +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Annelies van Steenbergen

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Nutritionist | Account manager producers +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Berlinda de Beer

Nutritionist | Account manager producers & Private labels +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Annelies van Steenbergen

Nutritionist | Account manager producers +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Silvia Berends

Account manager producers & non-food +31 (0)6 13 09 97 03 Want to know more?

Louise-Cato Bol

Account manager food wholesalers, retail & producers +31 (0)6 13 78 20 98 Want to know more?

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Account manager hospitality professionals +31 (0) 6 10571948 Want to know more?

For producers

Communicate your product information easily and quickly to the entire food chain? Via PS you can share all your product information in one central, digital location. Easily available for all your customers.

For hospitality professionals

Do you want to have more insights?
Via PS you have up-to-date product information and a digital insight into your product range.

For wholesalers

Easily receive product information from your producers? Via PS you can retrieve validated and up-to-date product information from your product range for logistics and e-commerce.

Start today with the efficient storing, sharing or viewing of (non) food product information

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