Share your product information

There are various way for you to share product information within PS in foodservice.

You can display the product information per product in your own style, with a WebApi. Or you can add a permalink to your website to the product information of the product or to the entire range: a Digital Catalog.

Digital Catalog
With the Digital Catalog you have your own range in one overview. The Digital Catalog is made especially for you in your own house style. You will receive the Digital Catalog for free within your subscription.

The Digital Catalog is a unique link that you can easily show and share via for example your website and e-mail signature. This makes it an ideal sales tool for customers and prospects and can be used for your internal communication. With your own Digital Catalog you have the product information of your assortment always up-to-date available everywhere!

In your catalog you will also find a productsheet per product containing all your entered product information. This product sheet is also easy to share with your customers and prospects. View an example of a productsheet here.

Curious about what the Digital Catalog looks like? View the examples here.

WebApi and permalink
Use a WebApi and permalink to display your product information.

Via a permalink – a unique web page – you can easily add the complete product specification to your product on your website. The product specification shown is downloadable and printable. This way you can guarantee your customers an up-to-date technical data sheet. Adding a permalink is quick and easy to accomplish. In addition, with a permalink you always comply with the legislation (European Regulation 1169/2011), which requires that you have product information available before the digital purchase takes place.

You can access all fields in the database via the PS Webapi. You decide which information you retrieve and where you return which information. Logistical information for your internal system and to replace source files. E-commerce information for your website or ordering site.

Most webshops opt for a combination of the permalink (all product info) and the Webapi (packshot, perfect name and description).