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Via PS you easily receive all your product information, validated and up-to-date!

One place for all information

As a wholesaler you must have access to all commercial, product-related and logistical information from all your suppliers. This is necessary for commercial purposes and to be able to comply with your legal obligation to provide information. Your customers ask for product information and the need for transparency is increasing.
Manually requesting and processing information takes a lot of time and is not efficient. That is why it makes sense to choose one central and digital platform to secure information. That is possible with PS in food service.

Saving time, energy and money!

You no longer have to approach each supplier individually to collect product information and process it internally. All required product data is collected from the PS in foodservice platform and automatically kept up-to-date. Because you make optimal use of the technical possibilities via PS, the manual work is minimized. Which saves a lot of time, energy and money!

PS helps your e-commerce

More than a thousand Dutch, Belgian and other foreign producers store their product information at PS in foodservice. More than 3500 brands can be collected and used. This information can be displayed within your order environment or webshop. This way, the buyer can always find all current information easily. The better your order environment, the more sales you generate!

Give your product a face

Pack shots, atmospheric photos, videos of preparation and/or presentation methods can all be collected at PS in foodservice. In addition to the legally required information (ingredients, allergens and nutritional values), you will also find all the necessary commercial information at PS: the correct name, descriptions, recipes, quality marks and certificates. Everything you need to enrich your own webshop.

Private label

With private label products you own your own brand. The producer is responsible for entering the private label product information and will assign the product information to your brand, after which you publish the information. This way we prevent the name of the producer from becoming publicly visable.

Product information for the sales team

We bundle your assortment in a specially customized Digital Catalog. All product specifications of your range can then be found in one digital overview. This including all search and filter options of the general FoodBook. This is ideal for your sales team to search for information, answer questions and it is easy shared via a digital link. Always and everywhere available through your website or on a smartphone.


The FoodBook is an online overview of all products in the PS in foodservice database. It is accessible free of charge to anyone looking for product information.

Digital Catalog

With the Digital Catalog you have your own assortment in one overview. The Digital Catalog is made especially for you in your own style.

Permalink and Webapi

The permalink is ideal for displaying a complete product specification with every product on your website or order site. The WebAPI gives you the possibility to retrieve all logistic and substantive data and to save it in your internal system.


My PS is the place where you can find all the information you need to work with PS at a glance. Here you can immediately see how your private label products are doing. This is also the place where you can update your assortment list and download reports that give you extra insight into the product information.

Link in the Chain

The information that is entered at PS is shared with various parties in the food service chain.

Sustainability analysis

Your PS subscription includes, among other things, a sustainability report about your range. Quickly see how sustainable your range is.


PS supports you as a wholesaler in various ways to guarantee, receive and share product information in the best way.


Do you want to start with PS? It is good to know what our method is and what the possibilities are.

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