Do you want to start with PS in foodservice? That is possible! This way, you relieve your own organization. The product information of your assortment is available digitally and is up-to-date 24/7. Immediatly maintained by the producer himself.
Many wholesalers and order platforms have already preceded you.

Starting with PS starts with concluding an agreement and supplying a good assortment list.
Start or have any questions? Contact Louise!

What do I get if I work with PS in foodservice?
The collaboration offers you and your customers many benefits, such as:

  • Easy and fast access to product information from your producers.
  • Easily retrieve all current product information for your website, order site or e-commerce platform via a permalink and / or Webapi.
  • Your own Digital Catalog. An overview of your total assortment, with the current product information, photos, and many filter options.
  • Via My PS insight into mutations, validations, sustainability analysis and access to a digital report with product-related information (allergens, ingredients and quality marks) and report with logistical information.
  • Access to an extensive database for securing and validating your private label products. The producer enters all product information, you check and present! This way you remain a brand owner.
  • Information can also be used for the layout of your label/artwork.
  • In addition to product-related information (ingredients, allergens and nutritional values), also access to commercial information, logistics information, packshots and much more. This way you can retrieve all the information you need from one source!
  • Logistical information is also available via PS. It is no longer necessary to have source files filled in. This saves a lot of time and ensures reliable and up-to-date information!
  • In the FoodBook under “available at” you can see which products you are selling, with a link to your order site.
  • And … PS helps you get your entire range guaranteed. Together we write to producers and PS takes missing producers on the basis of collective demand!

The subscribtion
We prepare an agreement with everyone who collects digital product information, with a corresponding subscription. We have a Premium or Premium Plus subscription for a wholesaler. You can start from € 560 per year. For more information please contact Louise to look at your wishes and the possibilities together.

Start today with the efficient storing, sharing or viewing of (non) food product information

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