My PS is the place where you can find all information about your total assortment and your own private label products at a glance.

PS is ideal for securing your private label products. The producer takes care of entering the product information under your Private label brand. As a wholesaler you see the status of your entire private label assortment and all related reports within My PS.

Within My PS you also manage all information about your company, your own private label brand (s) and your own Digital Catalog. In My PS you can upload your assortment list every month. In the FoodBook at “Available at” it is made clear that the product can be ordered at your company. In addition, the assortment list is used to approach producers to add their products, for a 100% assortment match with PS. Your own digital catalog is also made based on the assortment list. Read more about it here.

In My PS you can also access the reports that give you insight into the quality of the product information of your assortment. Examples of this are:

  • Sustainability analysis of your assortment;
  • Overview product information of your assortment;
  • Validation report about your private label items;
  • Mutation report about your private label articles.