Permalink and Webapi

PS bundles all information from a product for you in a clear product specification. All product information is clearly displayed on one web page, including links to documents, recipes and videos.

Via a permalink – a unique webpage – you can easily add the complete product specification to your website or order site. The product specification shown is downloadable and printable. This way you can guarantee your customers an up-to-date technical sheet. Adding a permalink is quick and easy to realize. In addition, with a permalink you always comply with the legislation (European Regulation 1169/2011), which requires you to have product information available before the digital purchase takes place.

You get access to all fields in the database with the PS Webapi. You decide for yourself which information you collect and where you show which information. Logistical information for your internal system and to replace source files. E-commerce information for your website or order site.

Most webshops opt for a combination of the permalink (all product info) and the Webapi (packshot, perfect name and description).
Below some examples of web shops of wholesalers:

Our Manager Master data and relationship manager Marketing & E-commerce are ready to guide you in this process.

Renate Baanstra

Manager operations and IT +31 (0)6 21 89 70 87

Louise-Cato Bol

Commercial manager +31 (0)6 13 78 20 98

Berlinda de Beer

Nutritionist | Account manager producers & Private labels +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Annelies van Steenbergen

Nutritionist | Account managers producers +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Theun Arbeider

Application developer +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Nicole Kleuskens

Director | contact new innovations & partners +31 (0)6 21 89 70 81 Want to know more?

Philip Derden

Business Development Manager Belgium and Luxembourg +32 475 69 31 51 Want to know more?

Renske van der Meeren

Account manager marketing & e-commerce +31 (0)6 29 09 17 75 Want to know more?

Jasper Toonen

Nutritionist | Account manager producers +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Berlinda de Beer

Nutritionist | Account manager producers & Private labels +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Annelies van Steenbergen

Nutritionist | Account manager producers +31 (0)85 044 18 96 Want to know more?

Silvia Berends

Account manager producers & non-food +31 (0)6 13 09 97 03 Want to know more?

Louise-Cato Bol

Account manager food wholesalers, retail & producers +31 (0)6 13 78 20 98 Want to know more?

Carlijn de Bruijn

Account manager hospitality professionals +31 (0) 6 10571948 Want to know more?

For producers

Communicate your product information easily and quickly to the entire food chain? Via PS you can share all your product information in one central, digital location. Easily available for all your customers.

For hospitality professionals

Do you want to have more insights?
Via PS you have up-to-date product information and a digital insight into your product range.

For wholesalers

Easily receive product information from your producers? Via PS you can retrieve validated and up-to-date product information from your product range for logistics and e-commerce.

Start today with the efficient storing, sharing or viewing of (non) food product information

Time saving