About us

An enthusiastic team of relationship managers and nutritionists is ready to answer all your questions about PS. We are happy to help you share or receive the most current product specifications as efficiently as possible.

For questions about IT, marketing, e-commerce, substantive questions for buyers and e-commerce options for wholesalers, we are also available every working day to help you by telephone, mail or chat.

Store, share & find

PS in foodservice is the central place for product information. Many large and small manufacturers place their product information in our database. Hospitality professionals and wholesalers use this information to advise and inform their patients, guests and customers. PS makes it possible to store, share and find product information.

One central place

PS notes that there is an increasing need for controlled product information that can be centrally stored and found. And what is better than making product information available in one central location and providing everyone with information from that location? PS in foodservice does exactly that.

Fast growth

PS in foodservice was founded in 2010. The basis of PS in food service is a healthcare database that was acquired in 2010. From this basis PS in foodservice has grown rapidly in a short time. Both the company itself and the products in the database. We started in 2010 with 1,000 products and 80 brands.

In 2020 we have over 250.000 products and 3500 brands in the database! PS continues to grow.

Working Apart Together in the Frisokazerne

Together with its sister companies Foodstep, Fan Factory, Foodservice Network, Shoot my food / communications, Food Inspiration, Skudio and Sjift, PS in foodservice is located in the Frisokazerne in Ede. Here we work together according to the WAT philosophy. WAT stands for Working Apart Together. Every organization within the building works from its own philosophy, but by sharing we can multiply.

More information

Do you want to know more about our options? Then take a look at our services. If you have questions about allergens or legislation, feel free to contact us!

Our team

Renate Baanstra

Manager operations and IT

renate@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)6 21 89 70 87

Berlinda de Beer

Nutritionist | Account manager producers & Private labels

berlinda@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Renske van der Meeren

Account manager marketing & e-commerce

renske@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)6 29 09 17 75

Annelies van Steenbergen

Nutritionist | Account managers producers

annelies@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Silvia Berends

Account manager producers & non-food

silvia@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)6 13 09 97 03

Carlijn de Bruijn

Account manager hospitality professionals

carlijn@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0) 6 10571948

Sonja Vissers

Account manager producers

sonja@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)85 044 18 96

Theun Arbeider

Application developer

theun@PSinfoodservice.com +31 (0)85 044 18 96

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