Sustainability analysis

We make the sustainability of your range measurable. Do you want to know exactly how sustainable your range is? So that you have the burden of proof to be able to communicate with? Ideal for the MVI criteria or the environmental thermometer.

Then use the sustainability analysis of your range
We look at the range that you purchase and for which the product information is guaranteed with us. We then look at which products have sustainability labels. The sustainability labels are ambitious, transparent and reliable. These quality marks are recommended based on the MVI criteria of the central government. This list includes the 10 top quality marks from MilieuCentraal.

Every quarter we make an analysis of the sustainability of your assortment based on the quality marks of the products.

Why is this relevant to you?
Sustainable food is becoming an increasingly important theme in our society. At the National Nutrition Summit in The Hague, the Dutch government even decided that the Netherlands should be a global leader in healthy and sustainable food within 5 to 10 years. That is quite an ambitious goal, which also has a direct impact on the food service industry. In addition, clients are increasingly asked to map sustainability. Or to score more points on the environmental thermometer. In order to prove to what extent your range is sustainable, we offer these analyzes.

Do you also want to use this sustainability analysis?
The level of the analysis differs per which plan you have with PS, read more about how this works. Would you like more information about supplying a good, current assortment list? And about writing to producers whose products are still missing in PS? Please contact Miranda.