Our services for producers

Via PS in foodservice you can store all the information about your products in one central, digital location and make it available to all your wholesalers, customers in the hospitality industry, healthcare, catering and retail and consumers.

One place for all information

Your product information must go into market. Both for legislation, but also because you have a story to tell. The need for transparency is increasing and buyers and consumers are asking for product information. Making this information available manually takes a lot of time and is not efficient. That is why it makes sense to choose for one central and digital platform to make information available. That is possible with PS in foodservice.

Saving time, energy and money!

Because PS makes optimal use of the technical possibilities, the manual work is minimized on both the producer and  buyer side. Once the information is entered correctly, it is automatically passed on to all food service channels. This saves a lot of time, money and energy!

Give your product a face

Not only can you record the legally required specifications (ingredients, allergens and nutritional values) and logistics via PS, but also commercial information such as the story behind a product, the quality marks, logos, product photos, certificates, recipes and videos of preparation and / or presentation methods. This way your products get a face, also on the wholesale ordering site.

PS helps your e-commerce

More than 90% of all wholesalers in the Netherlands collect product information from PS. And also more and more wholesalers in Belgium. They display this information within their order environment. That is why working with PS gives you more control over how your products are displayed and therefore also influences the sale of your products!

Product information as sales- and marketingtool

From the PS database your product information can be automatically displayed on your own website. This way, the buyer can always find all current information easily. You will also receive a Digital Catalog in which your own product range is clearly displayed, ideal for your sales! PS also shows where the product is “available” in the FoodBook. If desired, you can also add your own webshop or any other retail store.


Do you want to start with PS? It is good to know what our method is and what the possibilities are.


PS supports you as a producer in various ways to guarantee product information in the best way. Think of a help desk and reports.

Share your product information

With a permalink or WebApi you can easily share all your current product information. This can be done per product, but also the entire range in a Digital Catalog. With the Digital Catalog you have your own range in one overview.

Link in the chain

The information that is stored in PS is shared with various parties in the food service chain.


My PS is the place where you can find all the information you need to work with PS at a glance. In this way you can immediately see whether your product information is still up to date, whether you have added pack shots and what the status of your products is.

Providing product information

You can provide product information in various ways. This includes our own Data Entry, an import template and links with various systems.


The FoodBook is a free online overview of all public products in the PS in foodservice database. The FoodBook shows the photos, videos, allergens, nutritional values, quality marks, the story and much more of products.